Selfie Stick Telescopic – MonoPod with Shooting Button (Z07-2)


You must have a lot of photos of the sights from the holidays. Are you on any of them yourself? It’s hard to paint yourself, there’s a landmark in the background. No more – with a telescopic selfie stick.

Selfie photos are the last fashion fly! It’s a photo of yourself. But sometimes it’s hard to take a photo of you – we often have too short hands to get a background or friends into the lens.

With a telescopic stretcher, it’s not going to be like this anymore. Simply plug the camera or mobile phone into the appropriate nozzle, pull out the stick, point the lens towards you, and that’s it. You took pictures of yourself and everything behind you.

There’s a button on the stick holderthat you use to control your mobile phone – you’re taking pictures! On the mobile phone holder there is a cable with a standard 2.5mm ‘jack’ connector, which you turn on to your mobile phone. Set the shooting mode on your cell phone and use the button on the handle to take photos or video!

The stick is compatible with all smartphones that have Android 2.3 Gingerbread or later installed and Apple iOS 4 or later. If your phone doesn’t recognize the selfie stick, install the ‘SelfieiShop Camera’ app